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Face Cleansing Tips

Tips For Correct Facial Cleaning

The Facial Cleansing is one of the most important beauty rituals we do every day, at the least 2 times a day or so should we?

Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that we all make or have ever made and things that we may not know but can learn to make facial cleansing more effective.

Wash your face twice a day

Ideally, we should clean our face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.

There are times that because it is very hot, we sweat or because we are going to change makeup, we may need to clean our face a 3rd time, nothing happens, but we must know that excessive washing of the face can be harmful to our skin because we can get to destroy the lipid mantle that covers and protects it.

Use suitable products

We must always choose products suitable for our age and skin type when it comes to our Facial Cleansing.

Makeup off at night ALWAYS

If there is something that will really negatively affect the skin of our face, it is lying down with all the makeup on our faces.

The skin, at night, is when it is most receptive to treatments; it oxygenates, it rests … and with a face full of makeup, it cannot.

Properly cleaning our eyes with a specific make-up remover is very important, since having our mascara-filled eyelashes overnight can make them brittle. In addition, the eyeliner can cause infections and irritations on the eyelids.

Do not abuse make-up remover wipes.

It is good that we use them on days that do not give us time, or we do not want to remove makeup properly, but we should never, never use them as our method of removing makeup as they do not thoroughly clean our skin.

Failure to properly clean our face at night can cause the appearance of pimples and skin irritations.

Water, better warm or cold

I know that in winter, we feel more like washing our face with warm water, but hot water is not good for our face because it tends to dilate the capillaries of the face, thus making the typical red veins appear or that our face appears reddened.

Better, if we put up with it, wash our face with cold water; thus, we will also make it relax and look cooler.

Exfoliate the skin 1 or 2 times a week

An essential step that many forget to perform: Exfoliation.

In addition, as we celebrate our birthday, exfoliation is becoming increasingly important, since the natural enzymes of our face that carry out the process naturally, are losing capacity every time, that’s why our skin becomes dull and rough over the years.